New Logo!

Tonight I decided to try out a “free” logo service I found online and thought I would give it a try. As it turns out it was not completely free unfortunately so I just grabbed this small little thing and left it at that. 🙂 Thanks not so free! ;-P

Welcome – Rebuild & New Projects

Hello, thank you for stopping by. I have been a little busy lately with rebuilding and getting things settled on the back end of things. I will be adding a way for clients to easily pay their invoices on this website and a few other things. Look out for that in the near future!

Also completed a WordPress project for my client at Verikill Pest Control you can check out their website by going to Verikill is a San Diego, CA based pest control company that can really take care of any pest problem you may have. I should know, they did a great job at one of my old work building.